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Dealing with Chemotherapy

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Home remedies to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy If you’re about to start your...


Managing Scan-Related Anxiety

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‘It’s not a part of the medical lexicon, but “scanxiety” is a word that cancer care...


Chemoports: Toll Roads in Cancer Treatment

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Implantable ports are implanted subcutaneously to provide access to vascular systems. They were first used in...


Childhood cancer: from care to cure by cancer specialist Dr Sameer Kaul

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The successful treatment of childhood cancer is one of the true success stories of our times....


PIPAC State of the Art

Prof. Marc Pocard, HOD Digestive & Surgical Oncology, Lariboisière Hospital, Paris, France in his first lecture...


Bases of Oncologic Surgery for Peritoneal Disease

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At the “PIPAC LIVE” event organised by BCPBF, in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals, Delhi, Professor Pocard,...

cancer seminar guwahati

Cancer scenario 2015, Guwahati.

Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation & Onkaulogy Kombine would be happy to solicit your presence at...

lung cancer specialist dr sameer kaul delhi

Dr Sameer Kaul at the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – a Surgical Perspective

Cancer specialist, Dr Sameer Kaul shared latest evidence based surgical strategies against Early Lung Cancer with...

Dr Feroz Pasha and Dr Sameer Kaul at the Gopalganj cancer detection camp.

Cancer detection camp in Gopalganj, Bihar

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Delhi based Surgical Oncologists, Dr Sameer Kaul and Dr Feroz Pasha were in Gopalganj, Bihar conducting...

Dr Sameer Kaul – making cancer treatment affordable.

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Who dare say that progress should not be made, particularly today when change seems to be...