He didn’t let cancer win…even at 110.

Onakaulogy Kombine stomach cancer patient dr sameer kaul dr feroz pasha

He is just one of the thousands diagnosed with a stomach cancer in India. But the reason this was so delicate was because he was 104 years old when diagnosed.

All the symptoms ranging from initial indigestion and discomfort to severe symptoms like intense pain, nausea, weakness came to him, doubled over. His stomach muscles were already so delicate and weak. Unpleasant symptoms like these gave his body challenges it wasn’t prepared for.

He is still, one of our eldest patients to be treated at Onkaulogy Kombine. We gathered our team of the most experience gastrointestinal oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and prepared ourselves as well as him for the upcoming surgery in a week. Efforts to stage his cancer showed no metastasis but her agony was hidden from none. A gastrectomy was performed without any developing complications and we made sure to give her the best post operative care and support.

His never dying spirit and the trust he put in our team was the most rewarding part and when we discharged him from the hospital just 10 days later, he was refueled for a longer, healthier life and the smiles on our faces couldn’t be wiped off.