Soft Tissue and Bone Cancer

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Bone Cancer:
Bones are made up of hard or compact, cartilaginous (tough, flexible), and fibrous tissue, as well as elements of bone marrow. Cancer can begin in any type of bone tissue.

Sarcomas are bone cancers that can grow in any bone in the body. Most cancers that occur in the bone have spread from another part of the body, such as the breast or lung. These are known as metastatic bone cancers and differ from cancers that start in bone.

Soft tissue Cancer:
These are malignant (cancerous) tumours that can develop from muscle, fibrous tissue or fat surrounding joints, blood vessel, or deep skin tissues. They can develop in any part of the body.

Soft-tissue cancers can be of various types

  • Osteosarcoma, which arises from osteoid (hard) tissue in the bone. This tumour occurs most often in the knee and upper arm.
  • Chondrosarcoma, which begins in cartilaginous tissue that pads the ends of bones and lines the joints.
  • Chondrosarcoma occurs most often in the pelvis (located between the hip bones), upper leg, and shoulder.
  • The Ewing Sarcoma Family of Tumors (ESFTs), which usually occur in bone but may also arise in soft tissue. ESFTs occur most commonly along the backbone and pelvis and in the legs and arms.