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For nearly 33 years, Onkaulogy Kombine has built a distinguished record of achievements in the field of surgical and other oncology related services.

Here’s a summary of accomplishments that have marked the ongoing development of Onkaulogy Kombine and the entire team of oncologists and specialists here.

  • Over 33 years of experience in surgical oncology
  • Pioneer in Chemoport (Vascular access device implantation) installations. Close to 2600 installations done so far
  • Over 110 cases of Oncoplasty Breast Surgeries in the last 5 years
  • More than 60% patients of Breast Reconstruction surgery fitted with Mini LD Flaps
  • Introduced Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) technique in India nearly 17 years back
  • Over 1000+ cases of Head and Neck surgery with high success rates.
  • We have consistently delivered excellent results in Salvage surgery
  • Have trained many medical professionals for installing Chemoports.
  • Excellent record in treating advanced stages of thyroid cancer
  • Specialisation in Para Thyroid tumors
  • Centre of excellence in Breast surgery
  • Centre of excellence in Parotid surgery