International Patients

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Each year, we get hundreds of patients from different countries. We also do understand that travelling far from home for medical care can be stressful.

The International Patients Department at Onkaulogy Kombine strives to make ensure that our patient(s) feels at home, comfortable, secure and ready to go back to their country with positive results.
The following steps would help you to visit us in a hassle-free way and make sure you have a happy healing experience.

Step 1 – Learn about us
Before you choose us, do take time to find out who and where we are, what we specialise in, the services we provide, and what our hospital facilities are on the website. It will provide you complete information about Onkaulogy Kombine, as you medical care destination.

Step 2 –Speak to our Patient Care Representative
We have a vast team of internationally qualified doctors who are there to ensure that you get the best care for your cancer. As every doctor/team specialises in certain cancers, our Patient Care Representative –Mridul Arora, will assist you from the very first call and make sure you meet the right specialist and that you do not have to worry further about appointments. She will handle all your communication, appointments and guide you through all formalities and every doubt.