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Our patients’ comfort is utmost important for us at Onkaulogy  Kombine. Every team member from Onkaulogy Kombine is here to make sure that each patient is treated with heartfelt, genuine care. We offer support right from consulting stages to after surgery, post- recovery stages.

We understand the importance of beginning the treatment for cancer as soon as possible. That is why, we approach each case within the shortest time and high precision to review the patient’s case and suggest/choose the most optimal path for treatment and surgery.

As a patient you can be assured of the following:

  • Surgical care planned by a team of experienced surgeons and as well as radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and palliative care experts.
  • A comprehensive approach from the diagnosis of the cancer to the treatment and after-care.
  • Treatment based on the most robust knowledge of oncological surgery
  • Regular counselling and support after your surgery is completed.

We treat various types of cancers. Patients with the following cancerous conditions can rest assured, knowing that they will receive the best treatment and care from highly experienced, leading cancer surgeons and specialists at Onkaulogy Kombine.