Living with Cancer

dr sameer kaul cancer specialist dr rohit nayyar

Living with cancer is a life-changing experience on many fronts. In the early days your main focus might be learning about the cancer and working with your team of doctors to come up with a treatment plan. But medical issues are only one part of living with cancer.

Cancer is a complex disease that can impact your physical and emotional well-being and everyone’s cancer experience is different. Living with cancer can be the biggest challenge for many. But with such inventions in medicine and surgical technology and early detection with advanced treatments, the success rates of dealing with cancer have significantly risen.

Dr. Sameer Kaul and his core team of surgical oncologists at Onkaulogy Kombine offer individualized treatment while providing heartfelt, compassionate care to every patient. You will receive the most integrated approach, from initial testing and diagnosis, through the entire surgical process and treatment, to post-cancer follow-up.

We understand that dealing with cancer, of any kind can affect all areas of life, be it physical, mental, emotional or financial and therefore we are here to treat you and offer you all information, advice and support.