Thoracic Cancer

Onkaulogy Kombine is the premiere cancer treatment centre for Thoracic cancer and we perform countless thoracic procedures annually with many being performed using minimally-invasive techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Thoracic cancers are primarily cancers arising in the chest, including lung, esophageal, and mediastinal tumors, as well as metastases to the chest from other tumor sites.

Efforts are directed at improving treatment results by utilizing minimally invasive techniques and combining surgery with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, gene therapy and novel therapeutics.

Surgical advances in thoracic cancers including lung, esophagus and lung metastases have been slow to develop, even though these cancers are among the most common clinical problems. Clinical and laboratory research is vital to making progress in treatment.

Early and precise diagnosis and staging of lung cancer and other thoracic cancers is important for successful treatment. Onkaulogy Kombine offers you the most advanced diagnostic methods and tools including:

  • ET (positron emission tomography) scans
  • Brain MRI may be indicated to determine if there is spread to this organ, for which PET is not reliable
  • High-resolution CT (computed tomography) scans
  • Endobronchial and esophageal ultrasound
  • Advanced bronchoscopic imaging
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)
  • Mediastinoscopy