A timely decision of a braveheart

oral cavity cancer specialist dr sameer kaul delhi

When Mr. J.N. Sinha witnessed recurrence of his oral cavity cancer, he almost gave up. After commando surgery and rounds of chemo and radio therapy he had not prepared himself for this.

He was recommended to visit us at Onkaulogy Kombine by a stranger who happened to be one of our patients. We are glad this encounter happened and we got to meet and treat Mr. Sinha. We could see the pain and trouble he was going through. He was being suggested just palliative care and therapy after his successive chemotherapies for a year did not see a positive response from his body.

This is where we decided to take his treatment in to our hands and not leave any leaf unturned to cure his cancer. On evaluation of the extent of his cancer, we found that there was no systematic metastasis of his disease. We prepared and counselled him and his family regarding the plan of the salvage surgery our team proposed. The matter was delicate, as is every case of reconstructive surgery and the complications that could arise couldn’t be ignored.
With the support of his family and his own mental strength, we were supported to go ahead with a wide excision salvage surgery and reconstruction of his lower jaw.

4 years later, Mr. Sinha is rid of his cancer and has regular follow up sessions at Onkaulogy Kombine. His distortions have drastically reduced and his life is back to normal.